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Digital Satellites specializes in satellite VoIP phone equipment & services when using our iDirect satellite Network.


satellite communications - from point-to-point SCPC links to Mesh networks delivering single hop access between multiple remote sites and MPLS transport to headquarters.


In addition to the satellite connectivity, Digital Satellites provides value-add services including WiFi networking, videoconferencing and telepresence solutions, telemedicine.


Digital Satellites will deliver high-speed, low-latency, net-neutral, application tolerant, VPN optimized, highly predictable connections.
About Us


Digital Satellites is a single-source satellite communications service provider offering high-speed fixed, mobile, portable, maritime, and M2M/SCADA solutions for thousands of professionals, organizations and agencies throughout the world. We specialize in satellite Internet communication for the lone professional, to global institutions that require 100's of access sites in many different countries or regions. As a single-source provider we uncomplicated the process of procuring equipment and service and are your only point of contact to provide support year to year. We are Digital Satellites and global satellite communication is what we specialize in.

Technical Support

The latest Digital Satellites satellite network software. Please make sure not to download and install any software on your satellite hardware voluntarily without Digital Satellites Network Operations Center guidance.

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